How we work


Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients because your digital journey may be a long one and most people need some help and advice along the way. We will look at your digital marketing strategy in a holistic way and advise you accordingly.

Launching a website on the internet is just one part of a digital marketing strategy. We have to look at the website as the core of the strategy. You need to be found Will people be able to find you if they don’t know you. You need to reach people you ordinarily would not. Most people do not know how to do this and it can be time consuming.

We work on a phased fee basis in that after each, completed and signed off milestone we get paid for that proportion of work.

Our workflow generally follows this path although some projects may differ:

  • Meet with the prospective client(s) and get to know their business, what their issues are and what their pain points are etc.

  • Draw up a requirements list and based on this write up a scope document outlining the issues, the proposed solutions and draw up a plan of action and the overall pricing plan.

  • Assuming the client is happy we mutually agree to work together and get a work agreement signed. At this point we ask for 30% of the agreed fee as a commitment deposit.

  • Next we move on to wireframe site structure, layout and design conceptualisation.

  • Present prototype with colour options and font options, agree images, content etc.

Sign off on finished prototype and 30% of fee

  • Then we move to code, whereby the site is built ready for deployment to the web.

  • Test, tweak, any final adjustments, balance of fee. Launch site live on the web.

  • Agree on maintenance, follow up, analytics reports etc.